The book.

That Time I Did a Favour For God and Almost Got Buggered To Death By A Demon Dog. A Working Title.


What does it mean to be the Ambassador of Purgatory?…

Donnie leads a complex existence as the Ambassador between the Living, Late, Lost and Otherwise… even if he didn’t mean to.

Protecting the interests of humanity on one side and the occult myths and monsters of the Otherwise on the other is a serious job- but for him it’s an excuse to go to to some fantastic parties as a VIP guest in a city where worlds meet and space-time is folded up like a god’s used handkerchief.

When Madam Thankeon, socialite of Otherwise high society, asks Donnie for a “Favour” he knows to expect the worst. When half the city then erupts into eldritch assassination attempts, he re-evaluates his expectations of “the worst” and comes to a whole jolly roster of new and sordid conclusions.

(The Breakthrough first of Donnie Rust’s slick occult-noir Working TItle series is a quickfire cavalcade of quips, chases, fights and fantasy, setting the state for some sensational adventures that unravel the sordid underbelly of Purgatory and expose the lurid things that go bump in the night for what they really are…)



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